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Do you want to discover the best new iPad games? Do you want to learn about the amazing indie developers who make them? Do you want to join a community of likeminded gamers? Well, welcome to Issue 1 of Grab It Indie Games Magazine. Inside Issue 1 ** Our exclusive cover feature is on Thralled, a stunning game in development for iOS that explores slavery in 18th century Brazil ** 22 in-depth reviews, including; Oceanhorn, The Room Two, Drei, Lost Toys, Rail Racing, Icycle: On Thin Ice, Continue?987654321, Anomaly 2, Tiny Death Star, Colossatron, Duet, Papa Sangre II, Shadow Blade, Fiz: The Brewery Management Game, The Shadow Sun, République, Across Age 2 and more ** 14 Exclusive interviews, including insights from Unity Technologies, Damp Gnat, Kumobius, Jason Oda, Etter Studio, Fireproof Games, Barking Mouse, Polarbit, Cornfox & Bros, Bit by Bit Studios, Dead Mage, Ossian Studios and more. ** A look at the top 10 first-person shooters on iPad ** Five Huge Feature Articles on Thralled, Drei, Oceanhorn, City Conquest and Continue?987654321 ** A guide to getting started in Minecraft ** The latest in iOS game news, opinions and other fun experiences We deliver hours upon hours of entertainment as you explore the very best fun games on the App Store. We take a unique approach to making a digital games magazine; we don’t have advertisements or IAPs. We don’t stream content from the web or make deal for coverage. We’re passionate about giving you the best possible reading experience and building that bridge between the best indie iPad games, and the gamers looking for them. All while introducing you to a community of fellow iOS gamers seeking fun, unique and interesting games to play. Whether you’re into horror games or funny games, racing games or adventure games, shooters or RPGs, games for guys or games for girls, we guarantee you’ll discover something great you never knew existed in our indie games magazine. ---------------------------------------- More Info about Grab It Indie Games Magazine: Grab It Indie Games Magazine is a triple-A media publication created by a 17-year veteran video games journalist. It's focused on the very best indie games available on iOS and it's the ultimate destination for people looking to get the most out of their mobile and tablet iOS gaming experience. Independently created, the magazine offers comprehensive reviews, interviews, previews, insights, trailers, news, feature articles, guides, tips, screenshots, opinions, songs and more, covering a selection of the very best in new video games available for iOS in the App Store. It also provides a direct link to purchase, allowing readers to easily grab any game that excites them by buying straight from the App Store. Grab It Indie Games Magazine does not limit itself to region, gender, race, age or religion, and simply aims to help its readers not only discover great fun games they can enjoy, but also attain a deeper understanding of the developers behind these amazing worlds and great entertainment. So go on, Grab It! ------------------------------------------ What Grab It Indie Games Magazine Readers Are Saying: “Brilliant e-zine. iOS games need a champion and it looks like they might have found it here in Grab It Magazine” – Bo Jonak “So artfully designed and well-written, I can see this being the place to go to get the inside scoop on iOS gaming. Simple and elegant.” – Shipnabottle “I really hope you guys succeed with this awesome effort on the video games journalism front. I'm amazingly impressed with what I just read and I’ll be sure to pick up the next issues. I'm sure my friends will too!” – Jordan “Really great experience. Reminds me of the magazines of my youth, but bringing them into the present for the digital age. Keep up the good work.” – Ben Murch To find out more, head to



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